How to Choose an SEO Company for Your Business

05 Jul 2022 00:34:25

SEO is the heart and soul of digital marketing. For increased website traffic, sales, and brand awareness, SEO plays a vital role along with other digital marketing services.

SEO is the heart and soul of digital marketing. For increased website traffic, sales, and brand awareness, SEO plays a vital role along with other digital marketing services. SEO keywords and optimization make the website rank at the top of the search engine results page. Thus, it is imperative for the growth of any business. Therefore, it is important to look for the following points when choosing an SEO company in Chennai

  1. Specialties and services
  2. Reviews and references
  3. Portfolio and testimonies
  4. Experience and accomplishments. 

Anand Techverce, the best SEO company in Chennai, measures up to all the above-mentioned points. Being in the field for 15+ years, serving more than 20+ leading brands all around the world, and being part of their success in this digital world. Our portfolios and customer testimonials speak about our service. 

Our specialties and services: 

Keyword ideas and selection:

Our skilled SEO team will strategize and pick a relevant keyword for your business based on local search volume, keyword competitiveness, ranking competitions, etc. We pick theme-based keywords, long-tail keywords, intent-based keywords, etc. We also diplomatically place the keywords into the website strategically to attract traffic and increase ranking.


We do a thorough audit that focuses on Web page loading speed, crawlability, URL structure, website code quality, and website security. We take the necessary actions to increase loading speed and overall coding and URL structure to grasp the audience’s attention and increase the security of the page to protect it from malware attacks.

On-Page and off-page optimization. 

Based on search engine algorithms, we update page content based on keywords to increase click-through rates. We also build high-quality and relevant backlinks to drive heavy traffic to your site. We make sure that your site is reached more than your competitors.

Content optimization:

We audit your website and create original, appealing, business-oriented content to attract customers and increase SEO ratings with increased visibility and brand value. 

Search engine algorithms keep on updating, as an SEO company we constantly monitor every update and do the necessary changes in the keywords, content, and backlinks to keep your website on top of keyword search in both Google and Bing.  We also develop websites from scratch, with complete SEO factors to achieve your business goals. 

Get your free SEO audit report today to take your business a step ahead of your competitors!

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