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Finally, you have landed in a company to pursue your dream job in the digital marketing arena. In this situation, you should be very conscious to not slip up the job from your hand. To strengthen you in this field, we have given some fundamental interview questions and answers. This blog will be quite helpful to acquire a deep understanding of digital marketing. Moreover, we will help you not to turn pages and pages to know about digital marketing.

Without much ado, we will learn the nuances of the digital marketing interview questions and answers and clear all your queries and doubts about it. Let’s dive into it.


Introduce yourself

Many times we have come across this question by the interviewer. This question is mainly asked to discover the distinguishing feature of the interviewee. The motive of the interviewer in asking this question is to know whether interviewee possesses strong communication skills or not. Primarily,

Focus on your strength and answer boldly Connect your skills with the job profile. For example, if you are attending for the Content Writer job role, tell them that you are good at writing and reading skills. It can be about yourself, but all your answers must revolve around the job profile Convey your passion and excitement to join their organization and work eternally

How would you define Digital Marketing?

Keenly understand the question asked by the interviewer. It’s not describing Digital Marketing, but, how will you define and your perception about digital marketing. • Prior preparation is must answer this question
• You cannot create any cock-bull story at that time
• Your answer should match their company goals and vision

Give a rating to you from scale 1 to 10, based on your Digital Marketing knowledge?

Remember only one thing you should not either underestimate you or overestimate yourself. Try to balance on both sides. • Pull out all your strengths and weaknesses
• Don't bluff while describing your strengths
• Weaknesses should not be very menial
• Sketch out your strong skills in Digital Marketing

Do you have the calibre?

You must answer true to your knowledge Try out an answer based on your skills and gained experience about the Digital Marketing The interviewer except for an honest answer from you

How are you relevant to this position?

The answer should relate to your personal fitness for the job. Keep updated yourself Revise the seminars, workshops, e-books, blogs and webinars you have attended Know about the popular resources

What is your idea in elevating the rank of the website?

This is a kind of intellectual question. The interviewer wants to get your suggestions to improve the website’s rank. Try to figure out some innovative ideas which flow at that time. Mention their company’s lacking quality in a positive way Trace out their rank status Have a link-worthy site and create a creative web content which will elevate the website’s rank.