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Anand Techverce’s Search engine marketing team will use all the techniques at hand to make your brand reach potential customers. Our team will pick the right keyword for your business and bid for it at the right time. With Ad campaigns, Ad groups, Ad text, we bring traffic to your landing page, we do a thorough audit to make it attractive enough to pull customers. We focus on improving quality score which concomitantly increases ad priority even at a low bid.

We focus on profitable ROI. We handle Google Ads, Bing ads, search ads, performance max, shopping ads, display ads, remarketing ads, and social ads. We do a comprehensive marketing approach, with our rich practical knowledge in the field our ad techniques have unmatched targeting ability, with ultra-specific user data we will closely monitor and adapt techniques that work for your brand and scale it swiftly in a short time on a limited budget.

Value for each penny, an ROI focused Search Engine Marketing

Powerful Keywords for impeccable results

With the help of advanced tools, we will pick the perfect and most appropriate keywords to bid for your brand. We will nitpick the keywords based on what users will enter for your business niche in Bing and Google, this will increase the chances of your ad appearance to the right people which guarantees desired result.

Superior Return on Investment

We value our customers' money, we closely work on the quality of the ad, relevancy of the keyword, and attractiveness of the ad words to improve the quality score of your ad,which pushes our ads to the top by increasing the ad rank even with a low bidding amount.

Result oriented marketing technique

To be successful in search engine marketing, we grade each and every ad to identify which part of the campaign needs attention and which method implemented performing well. With a comprehensive audit, we will cut unwanted spending, we analyze the click-through rate of an ad and the visibility of a webpage on the search engine results page. With our special acumen, you will see an immediate result. We stand apart in our service by driving traffic rapidly even to hard-to-drive industry-related niche customers.

Integrated marketing technique

In this competitive world to be prominent, we need to be a jack of all trades, so for search engine marketing too to bring in results fast, we have embraced integrated marketing, to attract people from all walks of life to your business. From Google ad words to Bing, From Facebook to YouTube, we integrate all platforms for better results. And we partner with some of the best platforms that help us to set up ad-related experiments promptly, which further refines our results.

How does ATV Search Engine Marketing Agency work for your brand?

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Keyword research and Ad copy

In SEM keywords determine where our ads should appear, so it is important to identify the proper keyword. On ATV, we will do an elaborate approach to make the ad successful. First, we will analyze the search term for the product, then we will research the related keywords and the selected keywords will go through a process of keyword matching before getting into the ad campaign. In our ad campaigns, we use Brand keywords, commercial keywords, long-tail keywords, broader keywords, low intent keywords, informational keywords, localization keywords and competitive keywords. We follow proper keyword organizing and grouping to target customers effectively and to analyze the keywords that are ineffective. In all our campaigns we will have a core Keyword and keyword qualifier/modifier to improve the CTC rate. When used properly, ad copies are powerful and effective. We create ad copies that highlight the key components of a product/service to convert a searcher into potential customers. We use dynamic keyword insertion in the headline to make it more relevant for searchers. We design your advertising strategy and create the ad copy unique and compelling. We make your ad stand out to any viewer by listing the benefits and ad proposition in the headline.

Target criteria and Remarketing

Once we have perfectly formed an ad structure, the next important aspect of SEM is taking it to the right audience at the right time. In ATV, we make our ads reach the right audience by targeting based on keywords, contexts, demographics, life events, topics and GDN placement targeting, along with In-market audience and affinity audience targeting our ad campaigns result in enormous success. In Remarketing we retarget potential customers with pixel remarketing, dynamic remarketing, and list-based remarketing, we ensure a faster sales cycle and growth with low cost per acquisition.

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Bid Management and reporting

For a healthy Search engine marketing, the right management of bids is important. By optimizing the bids strategically, we drive consistent results from our ad campaigns. We focus on CPC, CPM, CPA, and quality score to get the maximum out of an ad. With a specific target persona and the right bidding techniques, we bid on the right keyword for the right amount that gives us maximum reach. Right reports give a clear image of how the ad is performing. We provide our customers with a purpose-intended, perfectly structured SEM report on how our campaigns are performing. The metrics we use in our report are: Clicks, CPC, CTR, CPA, conversion rate, data range, campaign goal, ROAS, AD targets with month-over-month data.