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When did people start to run behind Paper Boat?

Paper Boat is an Indian brand of traditional juices and started to raise their pillars in 2011 by foursome friends namely, Neeraj Kakkar, Suhas Misra, Neeraj Biyani and James Nuttall as Hector Beverages in Gurgaon. Gradually, this young and vibrant brand extended their branches by launching Tzinga in Delhi and moreover in every place in India. The main motto of Paper Boat is to popularize the Indian and Homemade juice all over the world and moreover, they connected with the strong people’s emotions via their popular marketing strategy.

Paper Boat became successful instantly using a pretty easy digital marketing strategy. They grabbed the attention of thousands and thousands of people within 90 days. This is a spectacular success for Paper Boat, which improved them to climb the ladder of success in breakneck speed.

• What kind of digital marketing strategy did they inculcate?
• What made them garner a myriad of customers?
• Is it easy or difficult to exercise in your company?

Do you have an ideal digital marketing strategy for your company?

If not, read more to know more about the perfect PaperBoat digital marketing strategy in earning a name and fame.


As Paper Boat’s founders are young, their economic status is not up to the marks as big shots. They could not invest and bid more in the digital marketing business. Their full-fledged focus on giving the best product, shut down the half-way to invest more in digital marketing strategy. Under this scenario, after deep pondering, they halted with an ideal idea to build and strengthen their brand.

They thought of having a close connect and contact with the people’s emotions. Are they going to read their mind? No. They made the people recollect their reminiscence with a paper boat. They used a tricky digital marketing strategy under the title “Life is still beautiful” to grab the people heed. They amazed the people with an amazing idea to make a paper boat, click a picture of it and upload it on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and so on. This picture will return a reward of Rs.20 to the welfare of a child’s education.

This record-breaking idea breaks the records of more than 40,000 clicks in social media within 100 days. By this action, Paper Boat got huge traffic on social media platforms. They have not planned to bid or invest a high amount in social media platforms to gain more and more traffic. Solely, they discovered a way to ventilate people’s emotions.

Do you want to earn a name and fame as Paper Boat?

Read these points before planning your own digital marketing strategy.

• Interesting and exciting digital marketing strategy is the linchpin,
• Try to reduce investing more in brand awareness,
• Advertise your brand in a jaunty way,
• Give importance to seize pickneys attention,
• Increase your Pay-Per-Click via easy knacks and
• Conduct a multi-media campaign in order to capture all social media platforms.